List of dropshippers in the Philippines

(Posted on: 21-03-2022)

There has been much growth in the Philippines when it comes to eCommerce. Because of this, the number of drop shippers is also expanding, and competition is becoming more intense. To be a good drop shipper, you want to have good suppliers. However, it can be tough to locate dropshipping suppliers in the Philippines.


Even though the Philippines has the most Internet users in that part of the world, people didn't do much eCommerce well before the global epidemic. Nevertheless, in the post-Covid era, things have altered drastically from what they were. eCommerce is already thriving in the Philippines, and it is continuing to expand.


To locate dropshipping suppliers for the Philippines, you might have a hard time. Because there was a lot of stagnant e-commerce growth in the past, and though there's support! For the Philippines, we've conducted many studies and picked out some of the ideal drop shippers.


Top 8 Best Dropshipping Suppliers in the Philippines

You need to figure out how to identify the best suppliers for your goods. You can see a list of the most well-known dropshipping suppliers here.


1. Florify

Florify is the 1st flower & gift delivery drop shipping company in the Philippines. They have 20 years of solid experience in delivering fresh flowers and gifts almost all over the country. Furthermore, it is among the most well-known wholesalers in the Philippines that specializes in dropshipping, so it is also quite well-known. To become a reseller or dropshipper on Florify, you must select one of their premium membership catalogs.


What will they give you?

  1. Branded eCommerce website [choose your website domain]. 
  2. The app for your store will be available in the Play Store. 
  3. 24/7 email, live chat, call support, Customer support by a skilled customer support officer. 
  4. No inventory, no florists, no customer support employees, no warehouse, no delivery man, and stock keeping to operate your business 24/7 and 365days.  
  5. 100% white level and own branded flowers & gifts business. They will deliver all flowers and gifts personalized boxes with your brand and website names. 
  6. COD, PayPal, Dragon Pay, Online banking 24/7 order processing. 
  7. Set your Markup as a fixed amount or percentage once for all products on your eCommerce website.  
  8. Business on the smartphone, you got an app on mobile to monitor your business 24/7 in terms of the order, status, income & 100s more features. 
  9. Best price for all products to mark up high for net income. 


Pricing: All you get is for only a starting price of 2500 / Monthly Subscription fee. The strong possibilities are to earn 100k to 500K monthly without a real team & physical setup, just focusing on online marketing. Their backend operations will do all the hard work.

2. Alibaba 

Many people go to this Chinese multinational e-commerce site when they want to find dropshipping suppliers. However, you ought to know that Alibaba doesn't have simple dropshipping management that you can use to run your business. That isn't the only thing that works; you run a dropshipping business. There are already suppliers and drop shippers who can support you with all of that.


As a result, unless you deal closely with one of Alibaba's service partners on the platform, the company cannot fulfill your purchases.


Pricing: You don't have to pay for anything if you use Alibaba. You will have to pay your web store developer for extra features. They may charge you more for shipping because they sell their goods very cheaply.


3. Chinabrands

More than 5000 suppliers make up the Chinabrands network, with the bulk of them offering dropshipping services to customers throughout the globe. People who sell Chinabrands come from China, but their dropshipping tends to make them a good choice for the Philippines.


Among Chinabrands' e-commerce customers are Shopify users and those using Amazon, eBay, and Wish. You're decent to go if you buy from these retail locations and send them to the Philippines. There are many products on Chinabrands. There are a lot of different kinds of fashion accessories. Here are also things like tech devices, electronic parts, toys, sporting events and outdoors, etc.


Pricing: It costs Chinabrands' VIP members about $7 a month to be an associate of their site (PHP340).


4. Dropify

Dropify might be a great drop-shipping provider for the Philippines if you sell on Lazada or Shopee. It's still impossible to use WooCommerce or Shopify with Dropify, but the company says they'll be added as innovative capabilities soon.


To become a distributor or a drop shipper on Dropify, you'll want to choose between these premium subscription libraries. Currently, you have the option of purchasing baby items, footwear, sleep aids, and other great discounts.


Pricing: They begin charging a 10% service fee every month, and they also deduct processing fees from the payout if you use platforms like Shopee and Lazada to buy things. A monthly or annual membership price depends on the store/brand and marketplaces for which the user wants to use the service. 4,000 to 16,000 is the range for this.


5. Oberlo

A dropshipping marketplace, Oberlo includes millions of items that you may customize to meet the needs of individual customers. It is almost like a toolbox for innovators all over the world.


Oberlo isn't like the typical e-commerce providers. That is like a virtual storage facility with product lines from many other providers. The only difference is that Oberlo has all the product lines in one place, attempting to make your business so much easier.


Analytics are used to help you identify the product lines in consumption and have a huge amount of potential. It just takes a few mouse clicks to get the job done. You may choose your items, tweak the data and options, and put them on your web retailer for people to view.


Pricing: You can connect Oberlo for free, but if you want more features, you might have to pay up to USD$30-80 a month for them (PHP1,460-3,900). In addition, you may want to evaluate the fees associated with a Shopify store.


6. AliExpress

China-based AliExpress is another well-known online platform and dropshipping provider, but it's not the only one. They get a broad array of products for business owners, from clothes to adorable stationery, and they can help them find them.


As a dropshipping platform, it streamlines the task for new business owners by allowing them to process orders quickly and easily, bringing their products to market faster. For one thing, AliExpress is a popular place for drop shippers to sell products because it sells and ships product lines from China worldwide for no extra charge.


However, it would help if you were wary of false ads. Some vendors don't care how well they show off their goods if a product is in high demand. The typical situation is when customers don't like the products they buy. That could be because some images on their stores don't look like the products they sell.


Pricing: Dropshipping with AliExpress can cost anywhere from USD20 (PHP973) a month on BigCommerce to USD300 (PHP14,600) for a one-time payment for Magento integration, depending on which platform you use.



WooCommerce Dropshipping is a plugin that allows users to send automated emails to your wholesale drop shippers once new orders come in from your WooCommerce store. Even before new orders come in, they will send the emails to them. Afterward, it starts sending each provider a list of the product lines that were bought from them, including a list of the products bought from them. It makes a wrapping slip PDF file and sends it with the order notification email. Printing the shipping label and attaching it to a consumer's cargo for blind dropshipping is an option for dropshippers.


Pricing: The plugin costs $49 a year (PHP2,380)..



In the Philippines, OJMD Solutions is a dropshipping company. OJMD dropshipping is part of OJMD Solutions Philippines. They use cash on delivery (COD) to use their dropshipping facility. They specialize in cash-on-delivery operations and automated dropshipping services, including distribution, product importation, and dashboard administration.


OJMD Dropshipping is now accessible as a Shopify App and a WordPress Plugin. If you could get one of those facilities, you can pay to get them.


Pricing: According to their Shopify price options, their service begins at USD40/month (PHP1,955) and USD360/year (PHP17,600).


To Conclude

In the Philippines, you might think it's tough to obtain dropshipping suppliers. We're here to change your mind, however. With some data analysis, your eCommerce business can do well. Certainly, our ultimate objective is to assist dropshippers in the Philippines. If you're a drop shipper in the Philippines, you have a small advantage over dropshippers in the EU or the US. We hope that this article can help you get around this.


Lastly, we're hoping that this list of the best dropshipping suppliers for the Philippines might very well assist you in finding the honest and dependable suppliers you really ought to sell your products online! Do not hesitate to contact us if you want more assistance in the product procurement process. We could find the most suitable suppliers for your needs at low prices.



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