Why flower dropshipping with FLORIFY

Do you want to have an additional business[income] with no effort or investment at all? If yes, Florify will be your lifetime partner to bring continuous revenue with less effort. Florify is the 1st flower & gift delivery drop shipping company in the Philippines. We have 20 years of solid experience in delivering fresh flowers and gifts almost all over the country.

  • Benefits of Flower Drop Shipping

    1. It's simple to get started.

      The challenge of bringing the flower dropshipping part of your business fully operational isn't very complicated. If you're looking for drop shipping companies and products, there seem to be many places that can help you, like WorldWide Brands. This list of "hot floral goods'' is provided to you so that you may include what has shown to be famous! The fact that you can add drop shipping to your current product line or get a business that also entirely drops ship makes it important to point this out. The selection is yours!

    2. Sell more while carrying less.

      Dropshipping allows you to quickly increase your product line without investing in physical inventory or taking up storage space in the traditional fashion. Rather than, stores sell digital products that live and ship from the manufacturer to the customer. You'll likely see many more goods per order if the store has more products. With the addition of additional products, you may attract new customers.

      According to research by the National Retail Federation, shops that keep physical inventory typically stock a total of 13% of any manufacturer's product range. By adding virtual stock to their products and selling the whole line, retail stores can still sell many things.

      You can buy many different types of flowers on a site like this: I think it's fairly safe to say that your consumers can be aware of flower bouquets. As a result, your UPT (units per transaction) will go up, and so will your average annual income. That is because you can add alternative products like chocolate bouquets, gift wrappers, different types of flowers, or teddy bears to your site through drop-ship providers, and they will ship them for you.

    3. Make sure your brand stays true to itself.

      A dropshipping supplier will send your product lines in boxes and wrapping slips that look like they came from you, so it looks like the package came from you. With dropship suppliers, you would be able to have a lot of different kinds of goods in different storage facilities all over the world. That means you can have fast shipping times that meet customer expectations, which is good for dropshipping business.

      Customer expectations for two-day delivery services are high since they anticipate their orders to arrive quickly. Once your suppliers can deliver on time or even advance, customer satisfaction will go up. Customers are more inclined to trust your brand and return to your store if they feel the item they received originated directly from you instead of from a third-party seller.

    4. Tools For An Error-Free Cycle

      If you look up "drop shipping" on Google, you'll see that there are many good things about it. There are, of course, some risks to dropshipping. But don't be afraid because each possible downside does have a simple answer! The most prevalent "drop ship woes" are problems with stock, extra costs, and much competition. It can be hard for businesses to communicate with each other, leading to problems with inventory and problems with suppliers.

      The good news is that there are many methods to make communication faster. With XML, EDI, or CSV, you can instantaneously, and electronic transfers communicate purchase requisitions and inventory changes. That means there is no longer a need to make purchase orders or monitor data by hand. It also allows inventory reports to be sent in instantaneously to minimize the chances of backorders.

      You may learn about the order cycle and who pays what by working with reputable dropshipping suppliers. In addition, it engages in meaningful dialogue with them. Even if you do a great deal of research on your providers and choose trustworthy ones, you can avoid fraud companies that might charge you extra fees. It doesn't take long to start making money when you start a dropshipping model. As a result, there are many businesses to fight against. To stand out from your competitors and make your business unique, you should consider excellent customer service, interesting dropshipping products, and a wonderful site.

    5. Create an Online Market

      Marketplaces like Amazon and eBay have changed the way people shop for things online. Customers can purchase almost anything from one site. As your company grows and you establish partnerships with new suppliers and manufacturers, you might start to construct your micro-market.

      There is a definite industry trend with corporations like Walmart choosing to establish markets on their internet platforms. Early adopters could get a good start on setting up their online dropshipping business. It's easier for a smaller, unfranchised business to get in touch with and sell to people who like small businesses more than big stores. Again, great customer service and a straightforward website to use, exceptional and aesthetically striking, will assist you to move up.

  • What do you get from FLORIFY?

    1. Branded eCommerce dropshipping website [choose your website domain].

    2. The app for your store will be available in the Play Store.

    3. 24/7 email, live chat, call support, Customer support by a skilled customer support officer.

    4. No inventory, no florists, no customer support employees, no warehouse, no delivery man, and stock keeping to operate your business 24/7 and 365days.

    5. 100% white level and own branded flowers & gifts business. We will deliver all flowers and gifts personalized boxes with your brand and website names.

    6. COD, PayPal, Dragon Pay, Online banking 24/7 order processing.

    7. Set your Markup as a fixed amount or percentage once for all products on your eCommerce website.

    8. Business on the smartphone, you got an app on mobile to monitor your business 24/7 in terms of the order, status, income & 100s more features.

    9. Best price for all products so you can mark up high for net income.

  • What do you need to focus on?

    1. Marketing only [Online, social media, peers, community, etc.]

    2. Selling 24/7 with confidence.

    3. Promoting your brand within your network of friends and potential customers.

All you get is for only a starting price of 2500 / Monthly Subscription fee. The strong possibilities are to earn 100k to 500K monthly without a real team & physical setup, just focusing on online marketing. Our backend operations will do all the hard work.

  • Delivery Start with Php. 199

  • Live chat, Email, Call

  • Credit Card, PayPal, DragonPay